My name is Corky Heeb. I have been a sugar collector since I was in Kindergarten in 1948. (Yes, that makes me a well aged senior citizen). My mother took me to see Santa Claus at Fredrick and Nelson's, a department store in downtown Seattle, Washington. As a special treat we visited the Tea Room for lunch. The sugar was wrapped like little Christmas packages and were very enticing to a little girl. My one mistake is that I only took two.

I have enjoyed collecting sugar cubes, packets, sticks, etc. over the last 60 years. They represent great memories and experiences in my life. In 1990 my collection was exhibited in the Western Washington Fair. It was then that my friends discovered that I was a collector. They began bringing me back sugar from their trips around the world. So my collection has broadened to become a collection representing my friends too.

One day my son and I were talking about my collection and he said he thought I was probably the only sugar collector around. I said I was sure there must be others and we checked the internet. Was I surprised to find that there were so many others out there. If I had only realized earlier that there would others out there with whom I could exchange sugar packets I would certainly have taken a lot more duplicates at the time they were available.

Discovering the internet and corresponding with other collectors has definitely enriched my whole collecting experience.